Music GCSE

Below are materials that will help with revision of the set works for the music GCSE listening and understanding examination. Remember, there are 12 set works taken from FOUR areas of study. The areas of study and the sets works are;

Area of Study 1 – Western Classical Music

  1. Handel
  2. Mozart
  3. Chopin

Area of Study 2 – Music of the 20th Century

  1. Reich
  2. Schonberg
  3. Bernstein

Area of Study 3 – Popular Music

  1. Davies
  2. Buckley
  3. Moby

Area of Study 4 – World Music

  1. Waulking Song
  2. Rag Desh
  3. Yiri

Download your Music GCSE revision booklet here Music Edexcel GCSE Revision Booklet. This booklet gives you a one page summary of each of the set works you have to study.

If you visit the TRS Revise website then you can also download the audio files of each set works.

There are also some great videos on YouTube that you can use to help you revise. This link will take you to a playlist of all the videos.

Below are the PowerPoints from class on each of the set works. You will find these useful when revising each of the set works in more detail.

Set work 1 HANDEL – And the glory of the Lord

Set work 2 MOZART- Symphony No. 40 1st Mvt.


Set work 3 CHOPIN

Set work 5 Bernstein

Set work 7 Miles Davis-All Blues

Set work 8 Jeff Buckley – Grace

Set work 10 Capercaillie_Skye_Waulking_Song

Set work 11 Rag Desh

Set work 11 Rag Desh: Indian Instruments

Set work 12 Yiri by Koko


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