Name of course: GCSE Drama


Exam board: AQA


How students will be assessed:

Candidates are free to choose any of the controlled assessment options offered in this specification, including: devised thematic work, improvisation, physical theatre and scripted work.  60% of the course is practical work and 40% of the course is written. At the end of the two years you will sit an exam (1 hour and 30 min). In this exam you will be expected to write about your work, the work of others and to be able to analyse and evaluate in depth the success of your final performances, as well as the process before reaching a final product. This will include the contribution you made as an actor and the rehearsal strategies that you employed.  Your two best performance grades will go towards the final mark.


Topics studied:

  • Theatre for Children projects that toured to local primary schools
  • Devised theatre performances based on various themes (Recently we have looked at the themes of “Fear and Persecution” as well as on “The Plague”)
  • Comedies based on the life of club bouncers, waitresses, down on their luck rugby players and exam students
  • Famous plays such as “ Blood Brothers” and “The Lord of the Flies”
  • Famous theatre practitioners, writers and directors
  • Shakespeare Schools Festival performances “ The Taming of the Shrew” and “ The Comedy of Errors”
  • School Productions can also be counted – “Grease”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “We Will Rock you”.


Why they would choose this subject and future progression:

It provides students with a solid foundation in creative, practical and performance skills.

It is important for students to engage in and actively explore a wide range of activities that are stimulating and creative, drawing from a variety of situations and contexts that they can relate to.

GCSE Drama encourages students to develop critical thinking skills and become effective and independent learners. With the focus on working imaginatively, collaborating creatively and communicating effectively, GCSE Drama provides a solid foundation for further Drama studies and vocational opportunities. The content of this specification provides a smooth transition to A-level courses in Drama and Theatre Studies. Students like: having a say about which texts to study, getting the chance to watch live theatre to prepare for the written paper, the choice available in the practical work from acting to puppet making, set design to make-up, being assessed for contribution and ability during the preparation period of their final piece, as well as the design or performance itself, the opportunity to work collaboratively, the opportunity to communicate creatively and finally its potential for a vocational career path. Many students have gone on to work in the profession.


Who they can contact for more details:

Miss McLeod-Jones or Miss Wood








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